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The Butterfly Route

This is the story of how the Butterfly Route was established by African Conservation Trust.

The pilot project: iSiphaphalazi Butterfly House


In 2007 I proposed African Conservation Trust (ACT) the possibility of a butterfly house at Manukelana, 3,5kms from St Lucia. ACT contributed with R25000 and soon the people of Manukelana started to build up a hexagonal shape greenhouse where live indigenous butterflies will be displayed.

The structure was quite robust and a especial white insect netting was imported from Neatherlands by a company in Mpumalanga.



It was owned and managed by four Rastafarian (from left to right): Mduduzi, Phungula, Musa and Ernest.  Mduduzi was the first black butterfly breeder. Lamentabely a year later he passed away.

The butterfly house allowed me to understand all the requirements necessary to establish a healthy population of butterflies inside the structure. It was a quite exciting moment. Training how to breed butterflies was another interesting task never done before to local people.

 Many people visited the isiphaphalazi butterfly house mainly tourists and photographers giving us lots of feedback which turned to be very useful in the establishment of the future domes.







What really helped me was how to teach African people how to breed butterflies. That was the most exciting experience.




To continue......