I offer a consulting service whose purpose is to enlight the people about the importance of preserving the local indigenous forest (the butterfly habitat) as a way to protect the local butterfly population.

Some of the service we provide:

1- build butterfly enclosures for educational purpose or profit.

2- offer courses in butterfly watching

3- offer butterfly watching in selected areas of kwaZulu-Natal

4- carry on butterfly surveys for enviromental consultants.

5- supervise the existing butterfly domes along the Butterfly Route.

6- production of butterfly brochures


Américo Néstor Bonkewitzz, Ph.D

Zoologist and Biologist. Americo studied Licenciature in Biology at Universidad Nacional del Sur in Bahia Blanca, Argentina and then earned his doctorate in Zoology at University of Natal (now University of KwaZulu-Natal) in Pietermaritzburg. He established Biological Application Software in 1994 developing expert systems, among them the Black Fly Control of the Orange River for the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute. In late 1990 he estarted butterfly farming using the indigenous species, targeting particularly the breeding of the Emperor Swallowtail. In 2007 carried out several butterfly surveys in kwaZulu-Natal, in particular the extensive butterfly survey of Mkhondeni-Mpushini area in Pietermaritzburg contracted by G. Nicholson CC. In 2010 he got involved in a butterfly project with African Conservation Trust establishing four large butterfly domes. In 2013 was contracted by African Insight to carry on invertebrate modules. Later on from 2015 onwards run several butterfly training courses and invertebrate modules for Bhejani Nature Training.